GST Vouchers 2013

GST Vouchers 2013 is here! You can log in to the portal at to check your eligibility and the amount you will be receiving. Through the portal, you will also be able to update the method of receiving your GST Vouchers – either via direct crediting into your bank account or receiving your cheques […]

Happy 50th Anniversary Ngee Ann Polytechnic!

I am really fortunate and grateful to be invited for Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Dinner last evening where the dinner was graced by the presence of our Prime Minister, Mr Lee Hsien Loong. The celebration also saw the presentation of the Ngee Ann Polytechnic Alumni Awards to 25 well deserving alumni who in […]

10 FAQs for National Service in Singapore + Bonus Tips

National Service is integral of every Singaporean son’s life to serve and protect our nation. After my enlistment last year November to the Singapore Army, I realised many things I learned from my friends about NS were wrong. Some of these information were shared among new National Service Full-Time personnel (NSFs) through word of mouth […]

Going to Poly was a wrong choice: Commentary

If you haven’t read the original article, please read it first. To “A Poly Student”, I graduated last year from Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) with a Diploma in Information Technology and currently I am serving Singapore as a NSF in the Army.  Reading your article “Going to Poly was a Wrong Choice” earlier gave me […]

National Service: The long wait to serve my country


A letter with the words “On Government Service” in bold came in December 2011, a few months after my medical examination for National Service. My excitement surged ragingly as I held that letter. A little blue stamp on the back of the envelope showed the words “CMPB”, which I immediately recognised it to be from […]

A tale of construction site: Building Foundation

Construction: The laying of foundation in NP 10 Sept 2012

It’s been almost 3 months since I took the photo of the construction site in NP. This morning I decided to take a look at it again. To my surprise it still looked like the demolished empty land 3 months ago. Then I realised something: the foundation is important, and it takes time to build. […]

Open Source in relation to Global Economy

Two days ago I made an attempt to explain what “work” I do even after working hours and on weekends to a friend of mine. That work, as recorded on Github and my development blog, is writing PHP to an open source web framework called Packfire. Then it got me thinking hard on the Open […]

Keep Going

Technologies are ever changing. To the consumers, they think that IT is changing so fast and they can’t catch up. But here’s the truth: it’s even much faster for those working behind the scenes. Software Developers face day to day challenge to keep themselves updated and skilled with the latest technologies and development tools that […]

Over the Century

Today I talked to a 84-year-old man at coffeeshop in Queenstown area. We conversed in Hokkien for some time and he said, “While you are still young, get out and really go all the way to reach for your goals and dreams. When you’re old like me, there’s really nothing much you can do already.” […]

How about Part Time Jobs?

This is a commentary to an article by TODAYonline reader, Ms Sandra Alison Jayandran,  on “Part-time work is hard to come by” dated Feb 16, 2012. The author of this commentary has had experiences working as a freelancer and intern but however wants to offer the perspective from the employer’s point of view. Part-time jobs […]